Synchronous reluctance motors

Power outputs0,075 - 9kW
Frames63 - 180
Efficiency classesIE2 - IE3, where applicable
SectorsTextile / Glass / Plastic
Most common applicationsMachine tools / Fans / Stretching units for synthetic fibres

These closed, externally ventilated type motors have dimensions and designs in accordance with IEC standards.
The advantage of these motors is the total absence of maintenance which, together with the possibility of having a precise speed control, makes them suitable for a wide range of applications where speed regulation independent of load values is required.
Our synchronous reluctance motors are of the self-starting type like conventional asynchronous motors and can be designed for very high speed applications.

The series name identifies the combination of materials of the main mechanical components of the engine (case and endshields):

Series name1B2B3B4B5BAR
D-End EndshieldAluminumCast-IronAluminumCast-Iron
N-End EndshieldAluminumCast-Iron
1B-2B-3B-4B-5B (AR) Motor Series
 Standard configurationSpecial configuration
StandardsApplicable IEC EN 60034Specification on request
Polarity / SpeedSingle-
Maximum speedCorresponding to 50Hz/60Hz6000rpm (4Pole) / 4000rpm (6Pole)
Cooling methodIC 411IC 416
IP Index of ProtectionIP55IP56 / IP65 / IP66
Insulaton ClassFH
Temperature rise ClassBF / H
Altitude<1000m a.s.l.fino a 4000m a.s.l.
Power supplyMainFrequency converter
RotorReluctance anisotropic-
DutyS1S2 … S9
Ambient temperature-20°C / +40°C-
Shaft extensionD-EndD-End + N-End
Shape of the shaft extensionCylindric, with keyConical / special
Material of the shaftSteel C4039NiCrMo3 / Stainless steel
BearingsBallRoller / Angular
Seal ringMIMViton / Silicon / Labyrinth
Material of the screwsGalvanisedStainless steel
Vibration gradeA (with half key)B
Material of the fanPolyamideAluminum
Material of the fan coverSteel-
Lifting eyeboltFrom 100 frame and aboveOn request
Terminal box - positionOn the right side, when seen from D-End (Cast-iron)
On top ( Aluminum)
On top / On the left / Flying leads
Terminal box - materialAluminumCast-iron
Cable entryOn the right sideRotatable in step of 90°
Q.ty of terminals6-
Special solutions

Insulation class H
Stator windings with enhanced insulation system for inverter
Special voltage and/or frequency
Double impregnation
Encapsulation of the windings

Bi-metal protection
PTC Thermistors
PT100 Thermo-resistances
PT1000 Thermo-resistances
Anticondensation heaters

Arrangment for vibration detector

Stationary brake with separate DC or AC power supply
Manual release lever
Sealed braking unit
Axial brake release

Painting and solutions for extreme environment
Special painting colour (std RAL5010)
Special painting process for agressive environment
Drainage hole
Anti-rain canopie
Anti-sun canopie
IP56, IP65, IP66 protection degrees

Sealed bearings
Roller bearings
Insulated bearings
Hybrid bearings
Angular bearings
Re-greasing systems
D-End fixed bearing
Rotating labyrinth
Viton ring
Silicon ring

Shaft and Fan
Special shaft extension and/or flange
Second shaft extension
Forced ventilation (IC416)
Metallic fan
Vibration grade B (with half or full key)

Terminal box
Brass cableglands
Special cableglands
Position of terminal box
Direction of cable entry
Flying leads
Auxiliary terminal box
Special cable entry

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