Induction heated rolls

Operating temperatureMax 220°C ± 5°C (Three-phase) / ± 2°C (Single-phase)
Quantity of inductor heating zones1 to 22
Power supply<= 400V single-phase or three-phase
Maximum total power30kW @ 30°C / 10kW @ 220°C
Temperature sensorsPT100 (1 for each zone) 2-wire type
Possible roll surface finishPolished steel / Ceramic-coated / Chrome-plated / According to customer's specification

ISGEV's hot rolls are designed with an induction heating system powered by electricity and are used in the process industry in manufacturing steps such as thermoforming, 2-material lamination, coating, laminating, and finishing.
The modular solution with a dedicated power supply to each inner coil makes it possible to achieve a uniform surface temperature profile or, on the contrary, to obtain zones at different temperature to trat different materials simultaneously.

The use of electricity as the sole source of heat gives the following advantages when compared to a heating technology having internal circulation fluid:

Absence of steam, oil, combustible material- compact solutions (no need for fluid circulation systems, lubrication units, etc..)
- safe and clean equipment
- reduced maintenance
- easy-to-use systems
Low thermal inertia- reduced plant start-up and shut-down times, allowing for higher plant efficiency with significant time and cost savings
Prompt temperature variation- the system promptly conforms to set reference temperatures and speed variations
Point heat generation- possibility of setting up to 22 differentiated temperature zones
- precise and uniform surface temperature distribution

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